The Bangor Band

Join us for a

6th Annual Harvest Concert

Sunday, October 28, 2018 at 3:00 pm at Peakes Auditorium

Sponsored by: Bangor Parks & Recreation Realty of Maine

Bangor Band Board 2017-18


Amanda Cushman, President
Jim Paton, Vice President
Dianna Wyman, Secretary
Julie Brownie, Treasurer
Curvin Farnham, Ex Officio
Billy Miller, Ex Officio

Members at Large

Michael Cushman
Thomas M. Frey
Aly McKnight
William Osmer

Important Others

Garrett Fitzgerald, Librarian
Julie Brownie, Historian
Aly McKnight, Equipment Manager
Valerie Carter, Publicity
Sue McKay, Sponsorships
Dianna Wyman, Graphic Arts
Jeff Dreher, Web Developer