The Bangor Band

The Oldest Continuous Community Band in New England

Upcoming Concerts!

Fall Concert

Sunday, November 9, 2014 at 3pm

Peakes Auditorium, Bangor High School, Broadway, Bangor

Sponsored by Bangor Parks & Recreation

Veteran's Day Concert

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 at 2pm

Cole Land Transportation Museum, 405 Perry Road, Bangor

Sponsored by Bangor Parks & Recreation

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Bangor Band honors longtime former member with concert in Ellsworth

Introducing the Clam-phitheatre

The Bangor Band wishes to acknowledge the generosity of the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation for their funding of our new Wenger Inflatable Band Shell. Its construction dramatically improves acoustics and the live music experience for our audiences, which continue to grow every week at the Bangor Waterfront. It also affords us the opportunity to be more "portable" while maintaining excellent sound projection.

We also are grateful to the Quipis Club of Bangor for the donation they have made toward the procurement of a new wireless sound system. This equipment can project our announcements with fantastic range and clarity, which is a huge improvement over our audio equipment of the past.

It is the kindness and support of community partners such as these that keeps the tradition of outstanding LIVE band music alive and well as the Bangor Band observes its 155th year of continuous service to the citizens of Bangor Maine