The Bangor Band

Welcome to the Bangor Band

Welcome to the online home of the Bangor Band. We are one of the oldest, continuous community bands in the United States and have been performing concerts at various venues throughout the greater Bangor area since our inaugural season in 1859!  We are proud of of our musical tradition in serving countless generations of Bangorians for the past 159 years.

As the leaves turn color and the colder winds begin to blow, the Band is taking a well-needed late summer break! Our conductors and members wish to thank our concert sponsors, Bangor Parks & Recreation, our amazing Announcer, Matt Dunlap, and of course, you our audience. We appreciate all of the support you’ve given us in our 2018 Summer Concert Season! Your Bangor Band will return to rehearsals on Tuesday, September 25th, so stay tuned and check back here soon thereafter for where and when our annual Harvest Concert will be!

Please check here for our concert schedule to see where and when the Bangor Band will be performing throughout our 2018 season!


And as always, the Bangor Band is Proud to be Housed and Sponsored Year-Round by Bangor Parks & Recreation.